Story of Barry: or Dmitri - Part One

Story of Barry: or Dmitri - Part One

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Author: Justice Gray

Edition: Part One

Format: Kindle, Paperback & Audio

Number Of Pages: 320

Publisher: Reality Today Forum Inc.

Release Date: 2015-10-02

Details: Barry, spent years in jail for being accused of raping an underage girl, Nikki, who played him for a fool, making him believe she was in her mid-twenties. After he gets out of prison, he meets Patsy, whom he found very attractive. Patsy got Barry a job at a community center in IT, with Patsy’s help of falsifying his records. After a few months, and falling hard for Patsy, he learned that she was the town whore.

Barry learns that while he was in prison that his father appointed his nephew Frankie to take over his business—Hemsworth Hardware. Little did he know that Frankie was doing his parents harm, taking whatever he could out of the business; the business ended up failing, which was too much for Mr. Hemsworth, which triggered his death. Barry, with the help of an inmate friend who has outside connections, conspires to catch Frankie and have him put away for good. It turns out that Frankie’s partner is the husband of Barry’s former girlfriend.
This story has many twists and subplots, keeping your emotions at their peak.

“Barry’s heart rate went into overdrive as it dawned on him what was going on. It was a new identity for him, although the photos resembled him somewhat, anyone who looked close enough could tell that it was another man and not him.”

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