Road to Revenge: A Stripper’s Story (The Garbage Collector Series Book 10)

Road to Revenge: A Stripper’s Story (The Garbage Collector Series Book 10)

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Author: Justice Gray

Format: Kindle, Paperback & Audio

Number Of Pages: 320

Publisher: Reality Today Forum, Inc.

Release Date: 2014-11-20

Details: Cheri was a stripper, when she met her husband, Spike. Spike was a biker and a customer at the strip joint where Cheri worked. She got pregnant soon after they met, and she convinced him to marry her. Cheri quit being a stripper, but Spike didn’t quit going to the strip clubs. Their marriage lasted for a few years, but after the son they had together died in a horrible accident, things began to fall apart, and Spike got into gambling, Spike was never the same; things were never the same. After maxing out credit cards, and then losing their home, Cheri filed for divorce and moved away.

After the divorce, Cheri was going to move out of state with her daughter, Megan, to begin a new life. Being homeless they ended up sleeping at the side of the road, and were abducted, but after some struggles and a couple days later, got away.

After that, Cheri was able to get help for herself and her daughter, and eventually started working at a local truck stop café as a waitress, where Cheri met Jim. Cheri soon moved in with Jim, but while she was off working, Jim was after Megan, who was a good looking young teenager, wanting to be her pimp. The money attracted Megan and she ended up being a teenage hooker. When Cheri found out, she was furious with Jim and with Megan. Megan ran away, Cheri became sick with grief, which made life miserable for Jim and for her. Oftentimes, she would not get out of bed, and refused to do anything. Suddenly Cheri passed away, and Jim was suspected of drugging her, although it couldn’t be proven, as Jim was quite clever in covering his tracks. The body was cremated almost immediately, so an autopsy was never done.

Megan got word of her mother’s death, and so plotted revenge against Jim, changing her appearance, and….

Justice warns that you should be cautious of whom you spend your time with.

Road to Revenge is the tenth of a series of books. Be sure to read the others:

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