Friends Failing Forever: The Story of Cassie & Gina (The Garbage Collector Series Book 7)

Friends Failing Forever: The Story of Cassie & Gina (The Garbage Collector Series Book 7)

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Author: Justice Gray

Format:  Paperback, Kindle & Audio

Number Of Pages: 314

Publisher: Reality Today Forum, Inc.

Release Date: 2014-01-29

Details: Friends Failing Forever is a story of how Gina, the never-ending party-seeker, constantly needs a caretaker—or babysitter for herself and her young daughter--and how her BBF, Cassie, decides she can’t be that person anymore, and leaves Gina out to dry—dry up, hopefully. Periodically, Gina tries to better herself--like getting a job from which she later gets fired, as she gets angry at a child. Cassie, in contrast to Gina’s hooker-look, is attractive, stylish, well-educated, and employed, and prefers to keep it that way rather than party with Gina. Cassie falls for Gina’s brother, Carl, and after sharing stories of Gina’s lies, he encourages Cassie to leave Gina to fend for herself, which ultimately leads to Gina’s tragic death.

This Justice Gray story of confused priorities, unfolds with suspense and intertwined webs of romance, lies, alcohol abuse, sex, lies of abuse, and as a plethora of strange events climax, the story conveys deep emotions, and vivid images.

The Minnesota author, Justice Gray, creates her realistic characters in this great piece of literature. While reading this novel, you may relate it to a friend, and wonder if your friend is headed down this same road.

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