Cashing Out Death: Gretchen's Story (The Garbage Collector Series Book 4)

Cashing Out Death: Gretchen's Story (The Garbage Collector Series Book 4)

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Author: Justice Gray

Format: Kindle, Paperback & Audio

Number Of Pages: 348

Release Date: 2013-05-07

Details: Back by popular demand, Justice Gray has written another great novel. Like Moochers in Crime, Fib to Folly, and Karma in Overdrive, Justice Gray tells another tale of suspense, crime, lies, sex, and romance, all leading to several deaths with its plethora of unusual circumstances are intertwined with deep emotions. Gretchen has learned through her own experience that men are worthless, and has chosen her lifestyle of drinking, smoking, and gambling. She loses her house, and sells her belongings to support her habits, all leading to destruction of self and others.

The Minnesota author, Justice Gray, creates her realistic characters in this great piece of literature. While reading this new suspense romance novel, it may seem at first to be startling, but happens every day. Do you know someone who has a secret life just like her characters?

Cashing Out Death is the fourth of a series of books. Be sure to check out the others:
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•Fib to Folly: The Chronicles of Gabbi Trancy
•Karma in Overdrive: Trish’s Circle of Death
•Enticed to Evil: a story of a very dysfunctional family
•Victory Via Deceit: Blair’s account of sexual fraud
•Friends Failing Forever: The Story of Cassie and Gina
•Flicker of Emotion: Chronicles of Penny, Marc, Bill, and Amber
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