Airport Stalking: Jack’s Game

Airport Stalking: Jack’s Game

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Author: Blair London

Format: Paperback, Kindle, Audible

Number Of Pages: 402

Publisher: Reality Today Forum, Inc.

Release Date: 2015-01-10

Details: Airport Stalking: Jack’s Game is a new thriller novel by Blair London.

In this thrilling novel Jack was at the airport observing Jonathan who was talking on his cell phone and giving out too much information for all around him to hear. Jonathan, Jack learned, was a salesman for a water purifier company in California.

A woman named Alice started flirting with Jonathan in the hopes of hooking up. Although Jack wasn’t interested in what she wanted, he figured he’d play along so she could be a pawn in his game. She suggests a hotel; they later meet, and Jack tells her exactly what he wants from her—to stalk Jonathan.

Through some obstacles, Alice is planted in Jonathan’s office under another name. Suddenly the situation changes, as Alice was an undercover agent working to expose Jack and other stalkers in airports.

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