Writing Aids

Star Tales

We have created a unique story system so you or your loved one can be the star in a story.  Do you know someone who likes to fish?  Then George’s Last Fishing Tale would be the perfect story.  All you do is send us the name of the person, and a few other details (nothing too personal, and absolutely no private to financial information) and we will insert the person’s name into the story.  Names can be male or female.  Topics to choose from are:
His Last Fishing Tale
Her Ship Comes In
The Family’s Day at the Beach
Why She Divorced Him
He is a Teenage Hero
Why He Can’t Come Home for the Holidays
She Was Only Trying to Help
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Tell My Story

The perfect gift for

  • Veterans
  • Seniors
  • Someone who has lived through a traumatic event
 Give the gift they’ll love
Learn what this person has been through, and what has made him or her the wonderful person that he or she became.
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What if...?

Questions for Thinking, Writing, and Wondering

Here you will find many “what if” questions to use for critical thinking, writing topics, or to just wonder what it would be like if only the topics were true.
Written by a college professor who has had to think of many ideas for her students to write—from creative writing, composition, sociology, psychology, politics, history, and fun.
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An Idea a Day: 365 Writing Ideas

Do you ever have writer’s block? Now you will never run out of ideas as there is an idea-a-day for you—365 ideas in all.
Whether you are looking to write an article or a want to write a book, you will have 365 ideas.  With all these ideas, you could have fun writing and turn it into a writing career or a freelance writing job.
Seeing these ideas will leave you wanting to get out your writing desk and start writing a book or an article.
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Learning Creative Writing

Eliminate writers’ block and creatively express your thoughts through creative writing
Do you need some great writing exercises to get your creative juices flowing? Then this is for you, as it is very complete and is designed to be learned over 16 weeks.  It can, of course, be learned in a smaller timeframe, by combining some of the lessons into one week.
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